Setauket's Premier Braces Experience

Welcome to Three Village Orthodontics, the leading destination for advanced orthodontic care in Setauket and Stony Brook. Here, Dr. Everett combines a wealth of expertise with cutting-edge brace technology to guide you on the path to the perfect smile you deserve. Our practice is dedicated to providing personalized, high-quality orthodontic solutions, ensuring that each patient experiences a transformation that goes beyond just aesthetics.

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Types of Braces

Metal braces offer time-tested results, while clear braces blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. Both promise a journey to a perfect smile, tailored to your needs.

Metal Braces

The Time-Tested Choice

Metal braces have been the backbone of orthodontic treatment for decades. Their durability and effectiveness are unmatched, providing reliable results for countless patients. Today's metal braces are a far cry from the bulky, intrusive appliances of the past. They are sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable than ever before, thanks to advancements in orthodontic materials and techniques. The modern version of these classic devices uses high-grade stainless steel and sometimes combines it with nickel-titanium for the archwires, offering a robust solution to a wide range of dental misalignments.

Clear Braces

The Discreet Alternative

For those who seek the effectiveness of traditional braces but with a subtler appearance, clear braces are an excellent choice. Composed of ceramic or clear materials that blend with the natural color of your teeth, these braces offer an aesthetic advantage, making them particularly popular among teens and adults. While they function similarly to their metal counterparts, clear braces require a more meticulous maintenance routine to prevent staining and are often paired with tooth-colored wires for maximum discretion.

The Orthodontic Journey

Embarking on orthodontic treatment at Three Village Orthodontics begins with a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Everett and the team take the time to understand your unique needs, utilizing advanced imaging techniques to develop a precise treatment plan. From the initial x-rays to the selection of the most suitable orthodontic appliance, every step is tailored to you.

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Your Smile, Our Commitment

At Three Village Orthodontics, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Everett and our dedicated team are committed to providing personalized care that considers your lifestyle, preferences, and well-being. Whether you choose metal braces for their proven track record or clear braces for their aesthetic appeal, we are here to support you on the journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards the smile you've always wanted.