Discreetly Transforming Your Smile

At Three Village Orthodontics in Stony Brook, we offer InBrace® — the revolutionary teeth straightening treatment that remains completely hidden. Experience the confidence of a beautiful smile without the visible signs of orthodontic treatment.

Revolutionizing Teeth Straightening

Imagine a world where your braces work tirelessly behind the scenes, hidden from view. That's the reality with InBrace hidden braces at Three Village Orthodontics.

Our state-of-the-art Smartwire® is tailored just for you, using Gentleforce® technology. This advanced shape memory alloy ensures your teeth move smoothly and gently into their perfect positions.

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No more monthly visits to our Stony Brook office for adjustments or tray swaps. You can savor your favorite foods, enjoy your drinks, and maintain your oral hygiene routine without a hitch.

And the cherry on top? Your secret stays safe with us. The Smartwire, meticulously placed by Dr. Everett behind your teeth, remains your little secret.

The Genius Behind InBrace

InBrace isn't just another orthodontic treatment—it's a game-changer. Crafted by orthodontists who envisioned a better way to straighten teeth, InBrace combines the power of AI and advanced computer modeling. This dynamic duo ensures your teeth move precisely as Dr. Everett plans for you.

With InBrace at Three Village Orthodontics, you're in for a seamless experience. Forget about those painful monthly tightenings or the hassle of removing trays.

And you won’t have any visible wires you might feel compelled to hide behind closed smiles or hand-over-mouth laughter. Instead, you get a treatment that's working round the clock, delivering results that'll leave you in awe.

And the best part? All this magic happens behind the scenes, right behind your teeth. So while your teeth are on their journey to perfection, you can continue living your life to the fullest, flashing that radiant smile of yours in Stony Brook and beyond.

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The InBrace Advantage

The Customized Smartwire Moves Your Teeth With Gentleforce Technology

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The Power of the Smartwire

At the heart of InBrace is the Smartwire. This isn't your typical wire. Dr. Everett tailors it to your unique dental structure, ensuring it's the perfect fit for your teeth.

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Always Working

With its continuous force application, your treatment is essentially on autopilot. No need for constant adjustments or visits. Your teeth are always on the move, gently and efficiently, towards that perfect smile.

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Gentle Yet Effective

InBrace's Gentleforce Technology is a testament to its name. It ensures your teeth move with utmost care, minimizing discomfort. Dr. Everett's treatment plan combined with this technology ensures a smile journey that's as smooth as the results it delivers.

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A Fresh Approach to Oral Care

At Three Village Orthodontics, when it comes to orthodontic treatments that offer convenience, comfort, and discretion, InBrace stands out. It's not just a treatment—it's a lifestyle choice that says you won't compromise on aesthetics or effectiveness.

How InBrace Works

Customized Smartwire Moves Your Teeth With Gentleforce Technology

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1. Capturing Your Unique Toothprint™

Your smile is as unique as you are. That's why the first step is all about getting to know your teeth intimately.

Dr. Everett uses the InBrace Toothprint to capture a detailed 3D image of the inside of your mouth. This isn't just any scan—it's the blueprint for your personalized Smartwire and the foundation for your treatment.

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2. Crafting Your Smile with CoDesign

Using advanced technology and a sprinkle of artistry, Dr. Everett collaborates with InBrace to CoDesign your ideal smile. The result? A Smartwire programmed with Gentleforce technology, ready to guide your teeth to their perfect positions.

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3. Fitting Your Custom Smartwire

With your personalized Smartwire in hand, it's time for the fitting. But don't fret—this isn't a lengthy procedure. Dr. Everett expertly places the Smartwire behind your teeth, ensuring a snug fit.

As you step out of our Stony Brook office, you'll already be radiating confidence, knowing your InBrace treatment is hard at work, all while staying hidden from view.

Is InBrace Right for You?

InBrace isn't just for a select few—this revolutionary system is designed for anyone and everyone seeking a discreet and effective orthodontic solution.

Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or someone who simply values aesthetics and comfort, InBrace has got you covered.

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Tailored for All Smiles

From minor adjustments to more complex dental challenges, InBrace is versatile. Dr. Everett has successfully used InBrace to treat a wide range of malocclusions. So whether you have an overbite, underbite, or just a few misaligned teeth, there's a good chance InBrace is a fit for you.

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More Time for What Matters

Life is busy. With InBrace's self-adjusting Smartwire, you'll spend less time in our Stony Brook office and more time doing what you love. It's orthodontic treatment that respects your schedule.

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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

Food restrictions? Not with InBrace. Enjoy your favorite meals, sip on your go-to beverages, and celebrate life's moments without a second thought. Your treatment works in the background, letting you savor every bite and every sip.

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Boost Your Confidence Instantly

Imagine catching a glimpse of your reflection and seeing progress in just two weeks. That's the power of InBrace. It's not just about the end result—it's about the journey and the little victories along the way. Every day, as your teeth shift closer to perfection, your confidence soars.